Best freelancing sites for remote work

There are many money-making online opportunities that you can be spoiled for choice. Freelancing sites offer you the best option to start working online.

When starting freelancing, freelancing websites are a good starting point. You easily source for clients even as you learn the basic freelancing ropes. Once you become a pro in your area of specialization, you can move to higher-paying clients directly without using freelance platforms.

Benefits of Finding Jobs on Freelancing Sites

Flexibility. Finding work on freelancing websites is attractive owing to the flexibility they offer. Freelancers work on a flexible and convenient schedule. You don’t have to commute to work every day or work full time. Based on your financial needs, you can take freelancing gigs as a side hustle. 

Unlimited source of income. There are no limitations to how much you can make by working online. With determination, one can create real wealth by sourcing jobs from different platforms. 

Convenient platform for clients. Freelancing sites are not only a goldmine for job seekers, but clients camp there too to find the best-selling freelancers. It’s the first stop for clients looking for experts to perform specific tasks in the long or short term. 

Reliable avenue for showcasing your skills. If you are an expert in a specific area, you only showcase your skills, and a prospective employer will spot you.

A suitable meeting point for clients and job seekers. A freelancing site is a meeting point for both clients and job seekers. The clients post jobs and specific descriptions, while the freelancers bid on or pick the jobs.

How to Start Working Remotely on Freelancing Platforms

With many employers looking for remote workers today, there are complete services you can offer online. You can identify and evaluate a hobby or a skill you have and see if it can become an income-generating activity. Browse and read about various freelancing sites, and go for the best suited based on the service you want to offer. 

Subscribe to the relevant website and start bidding for jobs. Most freelancing sites allow applying for jobs that you can do comfortably.

8 Best Freelancing Sites in 2022

Looking for jobs is tedious. You come across much information from unverified sources, which can be misleading and exhausting.

But, details in this post come in handy as you will get the much-needed brief about various freelancing sites to Jump-start your freelancing career. 

Here is a list of the most reliable freelancing sites:

  1. Toptal

This is a go-to freelancing site if you are a high-selling freelancer. The platform boasts of having a pool of top-rated freelancers from across the world.

If you are looking for clients willing to pay top dollar for high-quality work, then this is the site you should sign up to. However, you must first work on your skills. It will take time to perfect a skill; hence you have to be patient. Once you have confidence in yourself, sign up on Toptal, and join other best-selling freelancers.

Sign up here

  1. Crowded

This is an awesome freelance site for both the clients and the freelancers. As a freelancer, you only fill in your details that include skills and prices.

Once you enter your details, the site does the rest of the work on your behalf. You don’t have to keep applying for jobs. Employers spot the most suited candidates on the platform and contact them.

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  1. Simply Hired

This is an easy-to-use freelancing platform. It allows you to specify the location you want to get freelance jobs from. If you are not sure about the rates to charge for the services, the site has a tool that helps you to set reasonable charges for your services.

To start using the site, you first upload your resume.  Also, you don’t have to know everything about freelancing at first. You can learn in the process as the site offers many learning resources. Their blog has a collection of helpful posts you should go through.

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  1. Flexjobs

This is a paid freelance platform. Regardless of your career path, you should subscribe to this site and see what you can offer. The site has a pool of jobs from across the globe. 

If you are looking for great working opportunities, flexjobs can be your starting point. With a subscription fee of $14.95 per month, you access an unlimited list of job opportunities.

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  1. PeoplePerHour

This is a famous freelancing site with thousands of freelancers. Given the huge number of users, it’s challenging to get a job here. However, you can use proven strategies to stand out. 

The site allows the users to get ratings which prove to be a good selling strategy. Freelancers with good ratings stand a better chance of getting hired. 

If you want to try out this site, charge reasonable fees to attract clients. Also, Work on your skills and regularly update your profile.

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  1. 99Designs

This is a platform for designers. If you are looking for some design jobs, subscribe to this site. Clients visit this site to look for different design services -design for logos, book covers, etc.

Clients start a design contest where freelancers exhibiting the best design talent are picked for the task. You don’t pay to participate in the contest.

You can subscribe today and showcase the skills you already have. Continue sharpening your design skills to increase your chances of getting hired.

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  1. Upwork

Upwork freelancing site is popular among freelancers. It offers an opportunity for freelancers to bid on projects in a guaranteed transparent manner. 

You will likely come across established clients like Airbnb, Microsoft, etc.  

The platform has various monitoring tools that allow for smooth operations between clients and freelancers. In case of a dispute, there is a clear procedure to raise claims that are dealt with amicably.

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  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing site where freelancers showcase their skills by creating gigs. Along the way, job seekers can take different courses on the platform to increase their skills. 

On this platform, presentation is key since it creates the first impression. It increases employability. Also, sellers are required to maintain positive ratings at all times.

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Freelancing sites have different features. Before choosing to subscribe to one, consider various factors. But, reliability and safety should be your key considerations when choosing a freelance site. 


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